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History of Fallbrook

Welcome to our church! We're glad you're here. Our team would love to serve you and help you get connected. Located in north Houston, Fallbrook Church is led by our Founding and Senior Pastor Michael A. Pender, Sr. We reach the community one home at a time, while changing the way people see church forever.

Our first public service took place at Gray Elementary School in September 1994, and we went on to worship and fellowship in individual homes, an office space, and a co-leased church until we closed on 6.14 acres of land on Walters Road. We opened our first building, the Auxiliary Building, in late 2001, followed by our second building, the Community Center, in August 2004. On Easter Sunday 2009, we opened our third building, the Worship Center, which provides a 2,500-seat worship center, double gym, bookstore, café and space for meetings and trainings, conferences, classes, camps, sporting events and more. In need of more space for classrooms and activities, we opened our fourth building, the Children and Youth Building, in December 2013. This 3-story, 82,000 square foot facility, offers 30 classrooms, 24 offices, a gym, a full-service kitchen and concession area, an indoor play area and 3 custom-made aquariums.
Our church currently houses a K-12 charter school, and a before-and-after-school program and daycare.
We serve over 10,000 members, and more than 3,500 individuals have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized.

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